How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

Keeping your house clean is a long and often difficult job. Why not use a robot to help? There are a bunch of robot vacuums accessible at an assortment of costs that can assist you with the monotonous task of cleaning your floors. Whether you have a carpet, hardwood, or pets, a robot vacuum will […]

What is a CRM?

Find out what a CRM is, the most common features, the advantages and how this tool adapts to the needs of a business. The definition of CRM CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (also called GRC, for Customer Relationship Management) and refers to a type of software centered on customer relationship management. This tool is […]

Internet Speeds in the Office

One company is not the other. Especially when it comes to internet speeds. An accountant usually has to send few GBs than a film production company that shoots heavy videos on the web every day. As a company, how do you estimate what speeds you need? In this article we explain it to you.As a […]

The Best Smartphone Processors

In the Zoom in section, we dive into an important feature of your smartphone every month. In this third edition we dive into the processor. Some brands make them themselves, and others have third-party companies make them. What are the best processors right now? What does the processor enable you to do? And in which […]