There is a reward for every effort, even if the latter is not always up to the level of the work done. Why should you get paid to read books? Truth be told, no one will pay you a single penny to read books only. It is imperative that you provide work. Only in this way will you earn money reading books.

Make ends meet by issuing opinions and literary criticisms

If you love literature, reading authored books shouldn’t be a problem for you. You will be able to read four or five a month and give opinions about them. To make money reading books, you can also write formal literary reviews. This second option requires a little more work than the first. She is the one who is the most paid, a priori.

How to monetize your literary reviews?

This is where the difficulty of this activity lies. It’s not like you’re the one or the only one who jumped at this opportunity. Either way, you have several choices for monetizing your literary reviews, so you’ll have to post them. But again, it is quite a challenge to find the website that will agree to publish.

The best places to post your literary reviews

To make sure your literary review work really pays off, you can reach out to buyers directly.

Contact magazine communication services

If you have worked on interesting books, famous magazines and newspapers may be interested. The eligibility requirements can be quite stringent. At least you have to show talent and a job well done.

Go through a profitable survey site

To increase your chance of getting paid for your literary reviews, you can also go to paid survey sites. These sites offer remunerations (rather meager) for opinions issued on famous and less famous literary works.

Go to a publisher’s website

Don’t expect to sell your literary reviews to the big, well-known publishing houses. Here, we are talking more about independent publishing houses. Their mission is to publish the works of little-known authors. You can also contact them directly to see if they would be interested in a review written by you.

What if you post your reviews yourself?

It’s entirely possible. You have done a good job, you might as well do everything to have control over what it will generate. However, it is necessary that you maintain a literary review website or blog. Another prerequisite is that this site must already be active enough and well positioned to attract more visitors. Your reviews will be a way for you to generate a flow on your site.

Once the site is famous, the editors and authors will come on their own for partnerships. This does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of work to achieve this result. First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that you are not doing it for a living. If making money reading books were so easy, book devourers would all be millionaires already.

Example of sites where you can earn money by reading books

Truth be told, these sites don’t always pay you with real money. Many of them pay you with free products. For example, you can receive a free copy of a very good book. In the majority of cases, you will not be paid on your first literary review. It will be a test sample. If the test is successful, this is where you can start to expect to be paid.

Earn money reading books and correcting them

Can’t help but correct minor spelling or grammar mistakes as soon as you see them? You can of course monetize this mania, but you’re going to have to read a lot. The best opportunities for you are independent publishing houses. At least, the site of these editors will be your first launching pad as a proofreader. Know that you can also turn professional.

Who needs a proofreader?

These independent publishing houses can publish up to 10,000 books per year. Imagine the titanic work to be done just for proofreading. It is to reread some of these books that your services will be useful. Earning money reading books can thus become a full-time job. But it is sure that with the constraints, the playful side of the thing would no longer be present.

Your mission in this kind of proofreading work can be summarized as:

Proofreading and platforms

A lot of opportunities on the net. You can of course go through the most famous platforms. You can think of Fiverr or Uptowork. These are platforms that connect proofreaders, writers, freelance freelancers (working in Freelance) with potential clients. It goes without saying that the work you have to do has to be of real quality. Or at least in accordance with your client’s request.

Either way, don’t be too skeptical, big publishing houses hire proofreaders. However, you have to be really skilled in your field to hope to be hired as such. If you want to do this work as a source of passive income, it is better to settle for small independent publishing houses.

How much can you expect to earn as a proofreader?

Proofreading can affect several areas at the same time. The salary can therefore vary greatly. The salary of a proofreader employed by a press agency will not be the same as in a publishing house. Likewise, there can also be a big difference between the salary of a freelance proofreader and the stable employee.

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