Usually, a personal blog is the result of a passion or a strong interest in a particular field. But even though the idea is often part of a hobby, bloggers invest a lot of time and energy in their project. This investment can become profitable and it is possible to make money with your blog by offering professional content. If certain conditions are met, there are many options available to you. This first part presents the basics of a business blog and outlines the main sources of income for bloggers.

Basic rules to observe to make a blog profitable

A personal blog doesn’t necessarily generate great profits from the start, even if it is of professional quality. Behind this new business which is very successful often hides a fairly substantial time-consuming activity. If you want to embark on this adventure, professionally, you have to know how to show a lot of patience. Indeed, making a blog profitable is neither easy nor fast. Professionalism and discipline are the prerequisites if you want to make money with a blog.

Identify a niche and exploit it

A common mistake among private bloggers trying to make money from their content is not focused on a specific topic. It is however more interesting from a strategic point of view and in order to keep a motivation intact to define a precise topic which you will treat and which impassions you. As soon as you start a blog, it is important to identify a niche area that particularly interests you; you will be able to reach a specific target and build a solid base of readers to retain.

It is this particular target that is lucrative for advertisers. Indeed, these advertisers will for example opt for the placement of an advertising banner on your blog. Segmentation of your target group plays a very important role for businesses, especially in providing targeted advertising placement as part of an affiliate marketing strategy.

Generate traffic

Among conventional advertisements in the field of printing, the value of the advertising placement is determined by the number of prints. It’s different in the blogosphere: the determining factor is related to traffic generated by the contents. For many advertisers on the web, paying for ad placement on a blog that only has 100 visitors per day isn’t worth paying. But this is not an absolute truth: for some companies a reduced readership can be interesting, especially if the audience reached is specific and segmented.

Typically, traffic generated is a big deal in cost per click (CPC) and affiliate marketing. But generating significant traffic to your blog can only be possible if you show endurance and commitment.. You have to know how to conquer your readers, by showing consistency and by publishing current and relevant content. It is only with a solid base of loyal readers that you will be able to make money with your blog. In this context, accommodation should be specified.

The importance of the blogger network

Networking is a prerequisite for the success and relevance of any blog. This is why you sometimes have to put aside your competitive spirit and create links to other blog pages related to the topics covered. It does not matter whether you share an article or whether it is cited, the links to this supposed competition offers you a double advantage: first of all, your readers appreciate this enriching “service”. Usually, however, they do not leave your blog page to go to the site to which you have inserted a link. Rather than worrying about losing this readership, focus on engaging content by sharing the content of your peers.

It is also important to take into account that Google evaluates the quality of the links that you insert on your blog (as well as that of your backlinks, or backlinks). This good exchange of processes is calculated positively by the Google algorithm, and improves your ranking in search results.

Make money with a blog: classic sources of income

What are the most common sources of income for bloggers? Discover in this first part how to monetize your blog, and in the second part how to indirectly generate profits without having to make an advertising placement.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing allows bloggers to rent, advertising space from advertisers on their site or blog. This space can become very profitable if you manage it independently, that is, without using online services like AdSense, because all the profits then go directly to you. But this independent management also means more work, especially for acquiring new partners on the Web. In practice, blogs can display the fact that they have advertising space available, and gather all the necessary information (media data, price of ads, availability, etc.) at the bottom of the page.

Sponsored articles

With infomercials (or advertorials) bloggers can make a profit from editorial content, not advertising. For this, the blogger publishes an article on his page about a theme, a particular product or a predefined subject, or takes an article written by a company or agency (and which is therefore adapted to a target). The blog’s reach, the traffic it generates, and the relevance of the topics determine the amount of compensation. In many marketing agencies, cooperation with bloggers are now the norm. But it’s often difficult for professional bloggers to find the right balance between sponsored articles and natural content. Note: It is very important to report sponsored articles as such.

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, it’s all about word of mouth. Registration is generally free for bloggers on partner programs. Bloggers get a credit when a reader clicks on the link of the article or service that was recommended on the blog. This intermediation provision is on average 3 to 10% following the conclusion of the contract. The most popular intermediaries are an Affiliate, and Amazon’s partner program.

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