Keeping your house clean is a long and often difficult job. Why not use a robot to help? There are a bunch of robot vacuums accessible at an assortment of costs that can assist you with the monotonous task of cleaning your floors. Whether you have a carpet, hardwood, or pets, a robot vacuum will meet your needs.

Confused about where to start your search for a robotic vacuum? No matter how much you want to spend, there is a cleaning robot for everyone. We’ve created the following guide for those of you who don’t know how to buy a robot vacuum.

Here are our tips and tricks to help you in your search for the best robot vacuum cleaner.

Best robot vacuum cleaner

 1. The advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum does not replace an upright vacuum or a deep cleaning, but it is still a great buy to make!

Indeed, the robot vacuum cleaner helps to collect:

2. Other reasons to buy a robot vacuum

These machines also come with many additional features, some of which make them almost as effective in cleaning as a standard upright vacuum. And if your main concern is getting home to a spotless home, you can choose a robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Here are several other reasons why buying such a robot vacuum cleaner becomes essential:

3. Features to check before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner

To choose the right robot vacuum cleaner, you must first analyze your needs. Here are some things to check before choosing and buying a robot vacuum cleaner:

4. The price of a robot vacuum

Depending on the device, you could spend between 231.08 and 1155.40 Dollars for a robot vacuum cleaner.

However, if you choose a low-end model, expect to have to do without some features popular with higher-end models, such as towed brush rollers and Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. What is the best robot vacuum?

We have convinced you of the practical side of robot vacuums, and you are looking for a model that suits you?

Here are some models of robot vacuum cleaners that might interest you:

iRobot Roomba 971

The iRobot Roomba 971 is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner with strong suction power. It features 2 anti-tangle brushes and is ideal for pet owners.

Thanks to its dust collectors, it will work wonderfully on carpets as well as very dirty hardwood or ceramic floors. In addition, it is programmable through a smartphone application.

This robot vacuum cleaner is recommended for homes up to 185 square meters. Below it is in the best rate:

iRobot Roomba 671

A little less expensive, the iRobot Roomba 671 includes some of the functions that the 960 model has. In fact it has 3-step cleaning, the dust sensor and it is also programmable thanks to an associated application, even at a distance.

It is suitable for both carpets and hard, smooth floors and will be of great help to pet owners. Since it can be connected to WiFi, it can be linked to Amazon’s Alexa service.

iRobot Roomba 671

Neato Robotics D602 Connected

Although less known than Roomba devices, Neato robot vacuums are now among the benchmarks in their field.

This robotic vacuum cleaner works with laser, thanks to which it can scan and map your home. With the help of its brushes and its filter, it gets rid of animal hair and allergens.

Neato Robotics D602 Robot Vacuum

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