Nowadays it is easier to sell on the internet thanks to online sales sites like Amazon. All types of products can be sold on the web. But to be able to profit from it, it is necessary to be well informed about the operation of the site in question, in order to sell peace of mind. You should also choose the most popular sites, so that the product is seen by as many potential customers as possible. We will see in this article how to make money on Amazon FBA.

How does Amazon FBA work?

Amazon FBA is offering its services as an intermediary between sellers and customers, Amazon FBA is an online sales site. Even an individual like me can therefore benefit from the services of Amazon FBA to sell my products. In return, Amazon charges me a percentage depending on the sale made. Despite a fairly high commission, Amazon is one of the most influential sites, which allows you to sell faster.

To make it easier for sellers, Amazon FBA takes care of the storage and delivery of products ordered by customers. To do this, Amazon has several logistics centers located throughout France and in several European countries. To sell on Amazon, you must create a legal entity and have a professional account to be eligible on the sales platform, as a seller. Then, all you have to do is label the products to be sold and send them to the nearest logistics centers. The products in question will be available on the market within 24 to 48 hours.

Amazon is operational throughout France, but also in Europe. It is possible to sell its products in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Spain. Thanks to the Pan European service, Amazon allows you to operate locally or abroad, and your products will be delivered in less than 48 hours.

Amazon registration

By accessing the Amazon site, information about you will be requested, such as:

Banking information

Opening an account on Amazon

The only criteria for admission to Amazon is to have a professional account. By having this account, you will be able to benefit from Amazon services, in particular the “shipped by Amazon” service. Depending on your activity, you have the choice between two types of accounts:

Depending on the product, sellers make less than 40 sales per month. This particularly concerns individuals. With this type of account, Amazon earns 1.14$ per sale.

This type of account is ideal for professionals who offer a large number of varied products on the site. I think it’s more reasonable, because the platform requires a total of 34.66$ per month for the subscription to the PRO account. But it should be noted that the service “shipped by Amazon” is only accessible to those with a professional account. Once you have this account, you will be able to access the platform. You just have to follow the instructions to send your product.

Amazon fees and commissions

Amazon is first and foremost a sales platform that connects sellers and customers. In return, the site requires receives a commission according to the sale made by each seller. There are two types of commissions on Amazon:

Commissions based on the sale price

Amazon FBA or “shipped by Amazon” charges

Commissions based on the sale price

This type of commission concerns the fees charged by Amazon according to the sales made. The price changes relying upon the sort of product. Indeed, each type of product is categorized and each category has a commission grid.

Amazon FBA fees

This type of charge is for the “Fulfilled by Amazon” service. This means taking charge in return for another commission, the management of the products of each seller. The site takes care of the storage, the sale, the preparation of the product and its delivery. From now on, it is this type of efficient service that has made Amazon the world reference in E-commerce. The order processing fee varies according to the weight of the product. For example, the handling fee for a 250g product is 2.95$.

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